sábado, 25 de setembro de 2010

"Funny Story"

My wife and I have the secret to making a marriage last: Two times a week, go to a nice restaurant with delicious food, good drink and good fellowship. She goes on Tuesdays and I go Fridays. We also sleep in separate beds, hers and mine is in Fortaleza, in Brazil. I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her way back. I asked her where she wanted to go for our anniversary, "somewhere I have not been in a long time!" she said. So, I suggested the kitchen. We always hold hands ... If I let go, she shops! She has a blender, a toaster and a breadmaker, electric everything. Then she said: "We have too many gadgets and no place to sit." So I bought her an electric chair. Remember: Marriage is the number one cause for divorce. Statistically, 100% of divorces begin with marriage. I married a "lady right." Just did not know her first name was "Always." It's been 18 months have not spoken to my wife. I do not like to interrupt her. But I have to admit: the last fight was my fault. She asked, "What's on TV?" And I said, "Dust.

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